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About Rosslare, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Rosslare, County Wexford, Northern Ireland, UK)

Rosslare is situated in the county of Wexford, which can be found in the southeastern corner of Ireland. From Rosslare, Dublin Airport is only a 2hour, 30 minute drive.

The town's ferry port is well connected by rail and road, and passenger ferries arrive frequently from the United Kingdom and France.

What to Do in Rosslare

Driving through the lovely countryside around Rosslare harbour is a great way for exploring the picturesque towns, quaint villages andwonderful parks, while uou can also enjoy some stunningly panoramic views in Ireland. Renowned for its wild landscape and wreck diving is the low-lying Hook Peninsula,situated in Wexford's southwestern corner. Positioned on its tip, you will find one of the world's oldest operating lighthouses.

The rivers Blackwater and Suir, running through County Waterford, provide some jaw-dropping river scenery. Waterford City has been strongly influenced by the Vikings and has a unique medieval ambience, with narrow alleys and beautiful Georgian houses. In addition, the Reginald's Tower and the surrounding areas are most attractive. The world-famous Waterford Crystal Factory can be visited and you can take a tour to see the whole process of crystal glass production first-hand.

Tourist Attractions

Nine hundred years of Irish history is offered by the Irish National Heritage Park.
The park boasts native Irish dwellings, riverbank and beautiful woodland. Grey seals can be observed just south of the Rosslare Harbour, where there is a small strand known as Greenore Point. St Brioc's Well is dedicated to a saint from the 16th century and is believed by many religious people that the water in the well can cure some eye diseases.

Gugliemo Marconi constructed the Marconi House, which is one of the many wireless transmitting stations built by him. This station was built in 1900 to provide a connection between Poldhu in Cornwall and Clifden in County Galay. Engineers laboured at Marconi House between 1900 and 1914.

The southeast's prime inland city is Kilkenny, which can best be reached by car. Due to its notable collection of well-preserved public buildings, churches, castles, lanes and streets, this place is considered Ireland's medieval capital. Those who love to shop will find the city interesting, as Kilkenny is Ireland's centre for design and crafts; it features the nation's finest selection of woodwork, pottery, jewellery and other handmade products.

Rosslare Port

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